Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today was Savannah's FIRST birthday!  I cannot believe how fast the past year has gone by.  We had a small family party complete with my take on The Chicken Chick's snowflake cupcakes.  I decided to do pink and silver instead.  

Instead of a smash cake, I did all cupcakes. 

Savannah LOVED her cupcake!

Great Grandma held Savannah and did double duty as a plate for her pieces. ;)

Great Grandma also gave Savannah one of her favorite presents, a pull along wooden chicken!
Right now it's a 'push' along chicken. ;)

One of her other favorite gifts was from Grandma, a giant play toy with all sorts of fun games. 

It commemorate the occasion I thought I'd share our month by month photos of Savannah with our good buddy (St)Eve.  (St)Eve came to live with us on February 15, just shy of Savannah's second month birthday.  From February 23rd we've taken a photo of them together of the 23rd of every month.  They have become quite the pair and really enjoy our photo sessions.  I hope you like the recap! :)
February 23, 2012

March 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

June 23, 2012

July 23. 2012

August 23, 2012

September 23, 2012

October 23, 2012

November 23, 2012
December 23, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Look out Below!

Hubby and I were sitting in the living room this morning when Juno and Oswald started going nuts. We looked out the window and initially saw nothing but then we spotted this:

Do you see it?  I'll be honest, our first thought was, 'Crap is a peafowl out?' ;)  We soon realized this was NOT a peacock or peahen, this was (as Andy referred to it) a bird of prey.  yikes!  

Andy and I took a walk down to see if we could get any better pictures and/or figure out what kind of hawk it was.  

 When we got down closer we realized there was not one but TWO of them sitting there.  ugh.  No wonder the dog and donkey were going ballistic and everyone else was keeping inside this morning.

As quickly as I snapped a picture of them, the one to the left flew off around the pond and perched farther away and higher up.  Seems their current 50+ foot tree didn't afford the view they desired.  

See the sneaky little pest right there, just left of center?  

The one on the right sat there perched for a few more minutes and then...

That one took off as well, to the right this time.  

It flew so quickly, I soon lost sight of it.  Luckily, I had my trusty sidekick Andy to spot him for me again.  After a few minutes, both flew further away and on to different pastures.  

Props to Oswald (above) and Juno (below) for keeping everyone alerted and safe!

Thankfully our flock came out unscathed and all beaks and wings have been accounted for.  I'm still not sure what specific type of hawks they were, I do know they were HUGE.  Anyone out there have any ideas?  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick Crochet Projects

I was chatting with my mother in law last week about Thanksgiving dinner and the festivities.  She mentioned she was going to do some sort of an auction and for me to bring a few things to share.  Her only instructions were that I was not allowed to buy anything and to get creative with it!  Amazingly, a few ideas came to mind almost immediately.  I did have a few other things planned but took a fall on Monday, bruising my left hand badly forcing me to take a break Monday and Tuesday.

Luckily, I had completed most of the items I was planning on bringing and finally today (Wednesday) was able to put the final touches on everything.  For only a few hours total work for everything, I'm pretty pleased with the results.  
Colorful Wine Markers with bag
Nesting Bowls

 The first thing I knew I wanted to make was a set of nesting bowls.  I had just enough yarn in three different colors that all happened to be the same type of yarn.  I don't even know where this came from, just some left over I had sitting in my stash.  First up, I had this mix of green/blue/brown that I used to make the smallest bowl.

 Then I used some of this lovely red/purple mix to make the middle bowl.

And finally, I used a cream/tan mix to make the largest of the three bowls.

When I was I had a cute little set of three that all fit inside one another.

Pleased with myself I set out to make something a little different for the next gift.  

I had this idea to make some wine glass markers while I was working up a few snowflake coasters.  There were a few patterns I found online but not quite what I was looking for so I grabbed a small ball of yarn, a smaller hook and a wine glass.  I had made a scarf recently for a friend (note to self: remember to mail that scarf!) that had a curl to it.  I thought if I could replicate that it would look cute on the stem of a wine glass.  

Within a few minutes I had the first marker completed and formed a plan for the rest.  I ended up making a nifty little curly bit that wraps around the stem of a wine glass; the genius of it is that the design allows it to fit just about any wine glass. I knew I wanted to make a small bag to go with them for storing them all when not in use too.  I didn't have a plan for colors just that I wanted them all to be different.  

I went to bed Sunday night feeling quite accomplished having completed the nesting bowls and coming up with a plan for the set of wine markers.  Unfortunately, Monday morning I fell in our drive way and bruised my left hand quite badly.  Fortunately it was not broken!!  I was instructed to keep it wrapped for the next few weeks but to be sure to remove it nightly.  While I was thrilled it was not broken I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish the wine markers and bag in time.  I didn't touch anything Monday or Tuesday but finally did feel up to finishing on Wednesday.  

I dug into my stash of yarn and found any small ball of yarn I had until I had filled up the large wire bowl I had brought with me.  I ended up picking about 16 different colors.  I set to work on making the markers first.  They are so super quick and easy that didn't take long at all.  Before I knew it, the glass I had been using to hold them was overflowing.

 Once I finished all the markers, I found some brown yarn from another left over project and created a small bag with a tie to hold them all.  I grabbed a sage green yarn to make the tie and weaved into the top of the bag.  *I just realized I didn't get a picture of the bag tied closed, I'll have to take one and add it in.*

For the few hours spent I'm quite pleased with the results!  I really hope the family likes them as well. 

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Friday, October 19, 2012

5 Things...

Today is my little Anderson's 5th birthday!  I say this every year but it's hard to believe it's been five years. From the moment he was born, almost three weeks early, he has been eager to take on life fully and with his whole heart.  Andy is such an amazing little boy and I am so proud to be his mom, he is such a blessing on our family and never fails to make me smile.  When he was only a few months old big sister Sydney started referring to him as 'Jelly Bean' because (as she said) he was so big and round. As he's grown Jelly Bean has been shortened to just 'bean' or 'beanie'.  The nickname has stuck around since he was a baby and since he does not seem to mind it at all, I imagine it will be around for a while.

Happy 5th Birthday my crazy, funny, wildman, live action bigfoot hunter!

You may remember Andy from his previous PSA's #1, 2 and 3, or maybe his photo shoot with the (St)Eveling's but because he is such a special guy and we love him so much, here are a few things about Andy that you may not know....

checking out of of his fav shows with his fav rooster, (St)Eve.

1. Andy is quite outdoorsman and is obsessed with Bigfoot!  His two favorite TV shows are Finding Bigfoot and Call of the WildMan.  We have all the episodes on the DVR and he watches them often enough he can repeat most of what is said in any given show and he will talk about the people on the show as if he is personal friends with them.  He said he wants to meet and give Bobo (from Finding Bigfoot) and Turtleman (from Call of the Wildman) a hug! <3
Tree knocking and Bigfoot calling with Big brother.
LIVE ACTION!  catching a snake.
more LIVE ACTION fishing with dad and brother.

2. Of all of our children, Andy is by far the most helpful when it comes to farm chores!  He is first to volunteer to help with most any job, from cleaning out the horse stalls to feeding/watering all the peafowl.  He loves to help collect eggs and is always eager to help with anything incubation related. 
Helping with everyone's favorite rooster (St)Eve.

3. When Sydney and Jackson each got their horses this spring Andy decided he wanted a peacock. We couldn't help but laugh (at last count we have 98 here on the farm) but did let him pick one out while at our spring exotic sale.  We've since gifted him a girl to go along with him and Andy is super excited to have his own eggs to collect next year.  We will be helping him collect them and then he can decide if he wants to sell or incubate those eggs.  
Andy's peacock, practicing showing off.

just LOOK at those gorgeous curls!
4. Andy is going to either join the military or become a barber. LOL  Over the last two years he has 'cut' his own hair four different time (twice at home, twice at school) and his brother's hair once.  It's a shame too as he has the most beautiful naturally curly red hair! I will admit though the buzz cut does suit him well. 
Easter 2011, note the full head of hair!
Day after Easter 2011, note the GIANT scalped area.
Better shot of his handiwork.
post buzz cut (the first time), how can I be angry when he looks SO HAPPY!?

5. Andy is an absolutely hilarious child!  He is almost always smiling and does so with his whole face!  At least daily a gem comes out of his mouth that genuinely makes us laugh...HARD.  Anyone that has met him comments on what a crack up he is, from the funny faces he makes to his 'observations'.  Some recent gems from Andy:
    • While riding in the van 
      • 'Mom, someday I'm going to find Bigfoot and Matt Moneymaker will be so proud!  right mom?!' for those not in the know, Matt Moneymaker is one of the folks on the Finding Bigfoot show he loves so much. 
    • While at a bird swap this fall
      • Andy (loudly):'Mom, there sure are a lot of humans here today, right? Why are there so many humans here?'  (now, he says this as if he is NOT human)
      • me, avoiding the stares from others: 'Andy, YOU are a human.' 
      • Andy: 'I know mom...but WHY are there so many humans here and where are all the aliens?'  
    • In the midst of catching a fish (but this pretty much true for any critter he catches)
      • Andy: 'EEEEE, that's LIVE ACTION right there, LIVE ACTION!'
      • brother Jack: 'Sssshhh Bean, you're scaring the fish.'
      • Andy: 'But it's LIVE ACTION!  EEEEEE!'
    • While hubby was cleaning out a clogged drain by the bird pens...
      • Andy: 'Dad, that sure is a Dirty Job.  That's a dirty Job isn't it dad?' 
      • Hubby: "Yes, Andy it IS a dirty job.'
      • Andy: 'Dad, you should be on Dirty know, the show, that would be AWESOME! (proceeding to SING the theme song). '
    • After having caught a snake with his brother
      • Andy: 'Dad, can we keep this snake and build him a pen?'
      • Hubby: 'No Andy, we can't keep him, we need to put him back where you found him.'
      • Andy: 'OK dad, are we going to let him free range? Will he be a free ranged snake?!'  
      • Hubby: 'Yes Andy, let's let the snake free range.' (and them hubby promptly came in and laughed his head off)

And now, some pictures of the birthday boy!

Waiting with daddy to go home.
First Birthday. 
Birthday #2, I still cry over having to cut those curls!
Turning 3 and already an outdoorsman!  Here he is 'fishing' in our small pond.
Four years old and cracking us up!

You always make me laugh with your expressions. 
What a cheese-ball!
I know Andy would love it if you would take a minute to give him a 'LIVE ACTION' and wish him a Happy Birthday!

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