Tuesday, September 25, 2012

(St)Eve FAQ

I know many of you have been following our daily pictures of our rooster (St)Eve.  We often get questions around this so I thought it time to create a FAQ on our man (St)Eve-O!

1. How do you pronounce the name (St)Eve? Saint Eve, Steve, St-eve???

  • Although we've kept the parenthesis going back to his pre-gender determination days, we do call him Steve (pronounced 'st ee v', as in, rhymes with leave).  (St)Eve is very particular and insists we always spell his name properly, parenthesis included!
2. What breed of rooster is (St)Eve?

  • (St)Eve is a cross of a Buff Orpington hen and a Black Copper Marans rooster.  

3. How old is (St)Eve?
  • (St)Eve was hatched on New Year's Eve in 2011.  
4. Do you really take a picture of him every day?
  • Yes, I really, really do!  Every.Single.Day.  Even on days when I'm super duper busy, even on days when we are out of town (if he is not with us our farm sitter texts me the daily picture), even on crappy rainy days when the last thing I want to do is trudge out in the rain and take a picture! ;)  I will admit there have been days it's been very late in the day before I have a minute to post his picture though.  
5. What are you going to do at the end of the year?
    (St)Eve with one of our peachicks from this year.
  •  Well, we aren't quite sure yet!  We still have a few months left in this journey so we are trying to not get too ahead of ourselves.  
6. WHY are you doing this?
(St)Eve. taken the day after he arrived here at Louden Farms.
  • I can't take credit for the idea, our friend The Chicken-Chick had the idea but was unable to keep him when it was determined to be a HE.  We chatted about it and loved the idea of a daily picture and offered to not only bring him to our farm for a forever home but also continue the work she started.  
7. Will you be selling hatching eggs from (St)Eve?

  • Yes!  (St)Eve has a harem of ladies and we do sell hatching eggs from this pen as well.  
Have I missed anything?  What other burning (St)Eve questions keep you up at night?!  Ask away!  
Oh and if you have any questions for (St)Eve directly, email me and I'll be sure to ask him! ;)