Friday, December 14, 2012

Look out Below!

Hubby and I were sitting in the living room this morning when Juno and Oswald started going nuts. We looked out the window and initially saw nothing but then we spotted this:

Do you see it?  I'll be honest, our first thought was, 'Crap is a peafowl out?' ;)  We soon realized this was NOT a peacock or peahen, this was (as Andy referred to it) a bird of prey.  yikes!  

Andy and I took a walk down to see if we could get any better pictures and/or figure out what kind of hawk it was.  

 When we got down closer we realized there was not one but TWO of them sitting there.  ugh.  No wonder the dog and donkey were going ballistic and everyone else was keeping inside this morning.

As quickly as I snapped a picture of them, the one to the left flew off around the pond and perched farther away and higher up.  Seems their current 50+ foot tree didn't afford the view they desired.  

See the sneaky little pest right there, just left of center?  

The one on the right sat there perched for a few more minutes and then...

That one took off as well, to the right this time.  

It flew so quickly, I soon lost sight of it.  Luckily, I had my trusty sidekick Andy to spot him for me again.  After a few minutes, both flew further away and on to different pastures.  

Props to Oswald (above) and Juno (below) for keeping everyone alerted and safe!

Thankfully our flock came out unscathed and all beaks and wings have been accounted for.  I'm still not sure what specific type of hawks they were, I do know they were HUGE.  Anyone out there have any ideas?  

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  1. Yikes! That is scary. Glad your guardians kept everyone safe. I don't know what kind of hawks those are but I wouldn't want them hanging around, that's for sure!