Friday, October 19, 2012

5 Things...

Today is my little Anderson's 5th birthday!  I say this every year but it's hard to believe it's been five years. From the moment he was born, almost three weeks early, he has been eager to take on life fully and with his whole heart.  Andy is such an amazing little boy and I am so proud to be his mom, he is such a blessing on our family and never fails to make me smile.  When he was only a few months old big sister Sydney started referring to him as 'Jelly Bean' because (as she said) he was so big and round. As he's grown Jelly Bean has been shortened to just 'bean' or 'beanie'.  The nickname has stuck around since he was a baby and since he does not seem to mind it at all, I imagine it will be around for a while.

Happy 5th Birthday my crazy, funny, wildman, live action bigfoot hunter!

You may remember Andy from his previous PSA's #1, 2 and 3, or maybe his photo shoot with the (St)Eveling's but because he is such a special guy and we love him so much, here are a few things about Andy that you may not know....

checking out of of his fav shows with his fav rooster, (St)Eve.

1. Andy is quite outdoorsman and is obsessed with Bigfoot!  His two favorite TV shows are Finding Bigfoot and Call of the WildMan.  We have all the episodes on the DVR and he watches them often enough he can repeat most of what is said in any given show and he will talk about the people on the show as if he is personal friends with them.  He said he wants to meet and give Bobo (from Finding Bigfoot) and Turtleman (from Call of the Wildman) a hug! <3
Tree knocking and Bigfoot calling with Big brother.
LIVE ACTION!  catching a snake.
more LIVE ACTION fishing with dad and brother.

2. Of all of our children, Andy is by far the most helpful when it comes to farm chores!  He is first to volunteer to help with most any job, from cleaning out the horse stalls to feeding/watering all the peafowl.  He loves to help collect eggs and is always eager to help with anything incubation related. 
Helping with everyone's favorite rooster (St)Eve.

3. When Sydney and Jackson each got their horses this spring Andy decided he wanted a peacock. We couldn't help but laugh (at last count we have 98 here on the farm) but did let him pick one out while at our spring exotic sale.  We've since gifted him a girl to go along with him and Andy is super excited to have his own eggs to collect next year.  We will be helping him collect them and then he can decide if he wants to sell or incubate those eggs.  
Andy's peacock, practicing showing off.

just LOOK at those gorgeous curls!
4. Andy is going to either join the military or become a barber. LOL  Over the last two years he has 'cut' his own hair four different time (twice at home, twice at school) and his brother's hair once.  It's a shame too as he has the most beautiful naturally curly red hair! I will admit though the buzz cut does suit him well. 
Easter 2011, note the full head of hair!
Day after Easter 2011, note the GIANT scalped area.
Better shot of his handiwork.
post buzz cut (the first time), how can I be angry when he looks SO HAPPY!?

5. Andy is an absolutely hilarious child!  He is almost always smiling and does so with his whole face!  At least daily a gem comes out of his mouth that genuinely makes us laugh...HARD.  Anyone that has met him comments on what a crack up he is, from the funny faces he makes to his 'observations'.  Some recent gems from Andy:
    • While riding in the van 
      • 'Mom, someday I'm going to find Bigfoot and Matt Moneymaker will be so proud!  right mom?!' for those not in the know, Matt Moneymaker is one of the folks on the Finding Bigfoot show he loves so much. 
    • While at a bird swap this fall
      • Andy (loudly):'Mom, there sure are a lot of humans here today, right? Why are there so many humans here?'  (now, he says this as if he is NOT human)
      • me, avoiding the stares from others: 'Andy, YOU are a human.' 
      • Andy: 'I know mom...but WHY are there so many humans here and where are all the aliens?'  
    • In the midst of catching a fish (but this pretty much true for any critter he catches)
      • Andy: 'EEEEE, that's LIVE ACTION right there, LIVE ACTION!'
      • brother Jack: 'Sssshhh Bean, you're scaring the fish.'
      • Andy: 'But it's LIVE ACTION!  EEEEEE!'
    • While hubby was cleaning out a clogged drain by the bird pens...
      • Andy: 'Dad, that sure is a Dirty Job.  That's a dirty Job isn't it dad?' 
      • Hubby: "Yes, Andy it IS a dirty job.'
      • Andy: 'Dad, you should be on Dirty know, the show, that would be AWESOME! (proceeding to SING the theme song). '
    • After having caught a snake with his brother
      • Andy: 'Dad, can we keep this snake and build him a pen?'
      • Hubby: 'No Andy, we can't keep him, we need to put him back where you found him.'
      • Andy: 'OK dad, are we going to let him free range? Will he be a free ranged snake?!'  
      • Hubby: 'Yes Andy, let's let the snake free range.' (and them hubby promptly came in and laughed his head off)

And now, some pictures of the birthday boy!

Waiting with daddy to go home.
First Birthday. 
Birthday #2, I still cry over having to cut those curls!
Turning 3 and already an outdoorsman!  Here he is 'fishing' in our small pond.
Four years old and cracking us up!

You always make me laugh with your expressions. 
What a cheese-ball!
I know Andy would love it if you would take a minute to give him a 'LIVE ACTION' and wish him a Happy Birthday!

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  1. Andy!!! Happy, super, awesome, amazing, fantabulous birthday!!!! Eat lots of cake!!

  2. Awww, how sweet! His curls were fabulous. And I love that (st)eve watches TV with him!

    Happy birthday, Andy! Hope it's your best one yet!

  3. A Birthday sure is LIVE ACTION!!!! Make it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beanie!!!