Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PSA#2 from Anderson

As if getting sprayed in the eye with a power washer wasn't enough, poor Anderson has another PSA to bring everyone today:

'If your big brother wants to hit your finger with a rock, DO NOT LET HIM! HE MAY HIT YOUR FINGERNAIL!  It will hurt really bad and you may lose your nail (like me).  OUCHIE!'  

We don't even know how exactly it happened but on Sunday, while we were trying to get our rental house cleaned up for new tenants, Jack hit Andy on the finger with a rock.  It doesn't seem as if it was deliberately done to hurt him, I think they were looking for bugs or possibly on another search for Bigfoot (lol), although he must have hit pretty hard to hurt his nail too.  Andy, ever the tough guy, never even mentioned that it happened until yesterday morning when I was dropping him off at daycare.  The nail on his right index finger was barely still attached.  yikes!  I got a bandaid from daycare and covered his nail/finger until I could figure out what to do.  By the time he came home last night he had tore the nail completely off.  I called the Dr, who (thankfully) said he will be fine but that it might take up to 6 months for his nail to grow back in.  We are to keep an eye on it and watch for infection.  ugh.  I've been trying to keep it bandaged but so far today we've had to rewrap it 6 times.  ;)

this poor kid is going to be tough as nails when he grows up!  I don't think he ever stops smiling either.  He's had quite a few mishaps in his young 4 years (note the remnants of a slice across his forehead courtesy of his peacock) but always has a smile to share.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness!!! There never truly is a dull moment at Louden Farms, is there? Andy does have a very happy smile. My accident-prone step brother grew up to be a state police officer.

  2. He IS a tough guy! Eat lots of gelatin...it helps the nails grow faster Andy. :)

  3. OUCH! My son picked up a rock that was too big for him, then he set it down fast on another rock...let's just say that his fingernail fell off too...it looked funny for a while...and it was smelly (? not sure why) but it grew back just fine! I don't know if your son likes to get all dirty and such...but I let my son play in warm soapy water in the sink a few times a day and it kept it cleaned out. Good luck! Maybe Andy and St(eve) can watch some TV together!

  4. I love this kid. Try using VetWrap, I'll bet that will stay in place!