Friday, May 4, 2012

PSA from Anderson

If your big brother gets a hold of daddy's power washer, don't wait to find out what he is going to do...RUN (and cover your eyes)! 
We are planning to re-stain our deck this weekend so in prep for that Mr Louden wanted to power wash it to get all the yuk off.  Problem was, his power washer wasn't getting good pressure so he decided to walk around the side to see if the hose was kinked.  He didn't think this would be any problem because both boys were busy playing on the playset.
While this was happening, Sydney and I were working on putting up some electric fencing so we had our back's to what was about to go down.  
We heard a frantic scream from Anderson and 'OUCH, MY EYE, MY EYE!'  I went sprinting to the deck to find Jackson holding the wand to the power washer and Anderson holding his left eye, squeezing it shut tightly and crying that it HURT!
This is what we think happened...Jackson, ever my curious little helper, picked up the sprayer wand and accidentally pulled the trigger hose.  Unfortunately for Anderson, he was right in the line of fire.  OUCH!  We both did confirm that he could see out of it so we calmed down slightly.  We didn't feel this one was quite ER worthy but definitely worth a trip to the urgent care center.  We were very lucky in that we got there 9 minutes before they closed (yeah, I'm sure they loved us!).  The Dr there confirmed the two scratches, one of them in the center of his cornea.  again, OUCH!
They sent us home with a prescription for eye drops (to be used every 4 hours) and direction to see an optamologist within 3 days.  Thankfully when we visited the pediatric optamologist two days later he was already completely healed!
We ar eso thankful he is healed and has no long term injury but goodness, sure makes a mom's heart take a leap up into her throat!