Sunday, April 29, 2012

Name (St)Eve's Mate -CONTEST WINNER!

Congratulations to our winner in the 'Name (St)Eve's mate' contest!   Bobby Sue Jabat is our randomly chosen winner.  Bobby Sue, I've sent you an email.

Thanks again to all who entered, we had so much fun and are so grateful for all your suggestions and encouragement on our new blog adventure.  If you saw our Facebook post tonight, you know our lives are always busy and full of adventures (some not so fun).  I'm sure we'll be blogging about that and some of the other fun (the good kind) from this past weekend over the next few days.  Don't forget all the hatching updates; we put our first peahen eggs of the season in on April 13!

And now, the information you've all been waiting for...the NAME of (St)Eve's girl!  It was a tough decision, really tough!  Everyone had such great suggestions and each of the kiddos had their own favorite.

In the end, they decided on EVE (suggested by several of you!).  We felt this was most fitting and (St)Eve liked it too!  So, (St)Eve and Eve it shall be!

I will say my favorite was a suggestion from the youngest son (Anderson).  His choice was Paco!  ROFL.  I tried to explain that Paco was not a suggestion AND that she was a girl but this is the same child that calls his wheaten marans hen Mr. Peeper Peckies.  He was also the winner of the scratched cornea today so we humored him and laughed along.

Stay tuned, we are hatching up another contest very soon...this is one you do NOT want to miss!  


Thank you for all your suggestions!  We'll be discussing them all with the kiddos and will post both the winner of the HATCHING EGGS and the name chosen a bit later today.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CONTEST: Name (St)Eve's mate

Many of you know and follow the daily adventures, for those of you not in the know, here's a brief recap.

(St)Eve came to us from our good friend at Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz who came up with the fabulous idea to chronicle a day in the life of a chicken for one year.  She hatched out an egg from her  Buff Orpington hen (April) and her Black Copper Marans rooster (Max).  Max was hatched out from eggs from our farm.  The resulting chick was named Eve and was hatched New Year's Eve.  (See the full album of pictures from pre-hatch to today here: A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A CHICKEN-Photo Essay by The Chicken Chick™  )  Well, after a few weeks it became apparent that Eve was not an Eve at all!  His name was tentatively changed to (St)Eve with parenthesis in a feeble attempt to will him into a her.  No such luck and the verdict was solidified when ECL12 heard the beginnings of his first crow.  sigh.
ECL12 cannot keep roosters so we offered to take over his daily photo shoot and bring him back to the farm from which his daddy came.  Together ECL12 and I hatched a plan to bring both his daddy Max and (St)Eve here to Louden Farms.  Thanks to some help from our friends, we were able to get both boys here on Valentine's Day.  We've been following with the adventures of (St)Eve ever since.

For those wondering, yes we call him Steve but it is always written with the parenthesis (he is quite insistent upon proper spelling).

OK, so I know you are thinking, contest?  didn't you say something about a contest in the title?  

(St)Eve has been having a grand ol time here and has really taken to one of our young Black Ameraucana pullets.

She was born on Thanksgiving and has moved down to her proper pen three times but always manages to find her way back up to (St)Eve.
We feel this is just too strong a bond to break and have allowed (St)Eve to claim this lady as his own.

So, considering (St)Eve has become such a member of the family (he even watches TV with the kids) we thought it fitting to have a 'Name that pullet' CONTEST for his new lady!  We don't normally name our birds but since she'll be hanging with (St)Eve she needs a name too.

(St)Eve's new lady needs a name!  We need YOUR help!  We are going to try to make this easy.  To enter, just leave us a comment with your name suggestion.  that's it!  But wait!  If you also go and follow our new blog we'll double your entry.  We will run the contest through Sunday, April 29 at noon ET.  

After the contest ends, we'll go through all the suggestions with the kids and decide which one will be her name.  The best part is everyone that leaves a comment will be entered into a random drawing for 6+ BLUE/BLACK/SPLASH AMERAUCANA HATCHING EGGS!  These are the same eggs that this little pullet hatched from too.   Be sure to include your email address with your comment so we can notify you if you win!