Saturday, May 19, 2012

Too Cute for Words

Our youngest, Savannah, is almost 5 months already (wow, where does the time go?).
She is rolling over and just recently found her toes which she amuses herself by grabbing ahold of.  I snapped a few pics of her and our first peachick of the season.  It was so cute to see the two of them.  The chick was very curious of her (especially her feet) and she was a little confused by this tiny bird so close to her.  Just thought I'd share the cute run of pics I was able to snap.  Around here, our birds truly are a family affair! :)
Cutie little Peachick.

Peachick was very interested in her toes. 

Those left toes look primed for a little nibble.

Sizing up the toes, is this food?

I think it might be food, such plump little toes, they look so yummy and delicious!
Maybe just a little nibble.
Just a little peck, is this something tasty?
What?!  wasn't me!

Maybe if I distract her she won't remember I tried to eat her toes...ohh, look Savannah....something shiny!

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  1. She is such a little cutie, as are all your kiddos. The pic you posted to FB looked like the peachick wanted to play "This Little Piggy". I enjoy looking at your pics on FB, & I love how your birds are a part of the family.