Thursday, May 24, 2012

Five Months old

As many of you know we've been chronicling (St)Eve daily since he arrived here on Feb 15.  We've also been taking a picture of (St)Eve with little Savannah each month on the 23rd of every month.  Savannah was born December 23, so she is just 8 days older than (St)Eve. :)

We have a short photo shoot yesterday and I posted the daily picture on our Facebook page but there were a few more that were just too cute NOT to share.  Without further delay....more of (St)Eve and Savannah (and a couple with Big Sissy too)!

(St)Eve, whispering the secret of life to Savannah.
Savannah can't believe what's she's hearing...

Apparently the secret of life is to let your favorite rooster watch more TV.  Savannah thought this was hilarious!

Just look at those sparkly blue eyes!  I know I'm her mama but gosh, that is one cute kid! <3

Big Sissy was sitting next to me, making baby girl smile.  Savannah LOVES her big sissy!

I think she was a little nervous (St)Eve was going to step on her, come save me Big Sissy!  ;)
Big Sissy to the rescue! 
(St)Eve thought he was King Rooster being snuggled by two such cute little girls! 

These girls sure do love them some (St)Eve!

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  1. That (St)Eve does have a way with the girls.